A&K Space

The countdown begins, the fuel ignites and with a thunderous roar, the Soyuz blasts off from Earth’s gravitational grip, a zenith trailed by streaks of bright light.

In September 2007, Russia will launch its Soyuz rocket from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, on an historic manned journey to the International Space Station. Millions of people will watch via television and the Internet, but A&K Space invites you to a front-row seat at the launching pad. Witness this once-in-a-lifetime historic space event as it happens — from the closest vantage point in the world.

This 10-day Soyuz Orbital Space Launch adventure creates a rich context for the spectacular event, contrasting our galactic future with the Earthly past. Here Russia’s Space program emerges from Cold War secrets, medieval cathedrals and the opulent lifestyles of Imperial Czars.

From the center of Moscow to the Ural Steppe, you feast on Armenian cuisine, marvel at Russia’s sumptuous tapestry of culture and art, experience vibrant folkloric traditions, Baroque architecture, rural monasteries . . . the Kremlin, Red Square . . . and you live and breathe a moment that defines human exploration in Space — Soyuz 2007.

Soyuz rocket

Soyuz rocket launch