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Soyuz Orbital Space Launch
Q: What is the pace on this adventure? Is fitness an issue?
A: The level of physical activity on this journey is moderate. Most anybody can participate.

Q: What languages will we encounter?
Russian, Kazakh and English.

Q: Will we have an English-speaking guide at all times?
A: Yes. All of our guides speak English.

Q: What is the currency?
Russia’s currency is the ruble. Some Moscow hotels and establishments will make transactions in Euros.

Q: Can I drink the water in Russia?
A: We advise our passengers not to drink the tap water in Russia. Bottled water is included on sightseeing vehicles and on the first night at each hotel we stay at.

Q: How close will I be to the Soyuz during the launch?
A: About 2,000 meters — the world’s closest vantage point.

Q: What is appropriate dress for the Soyuz launch and dinner with the Space Federation representative?
A: For the launch, casual dress is appropriate. For dinner, smart-casual.

Soyuz Launch

Moscow night scene