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St. Petersburg Option
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Soyuz Orbital Space Launch


On this three-day optional extension, you explore the majestic city of St. Petersburg, founded by Czar Peter the Great in 1703.

Fly to St. Petersburg

Your accommodations in St. Petersburg are at the elegant 130-year-old Grand Hotel Europe, a world-renowned cultural, historical and culinary landmark. Today you tour Winter Palace and the magnificent Hermitage Museum of Russian art.
Grand Hotel Europe

You begin your day by exploring the Peter and Paul Fortress, containing the tombs of the Romanov Dynasty. Later, you tour the stunning St. Isaac's Cathedral and the sumptuous Yusupov Palace, where Rasputin was said to be poisoned in 1916.
Grand Hotel Europe

Tour Petrovorets, the opulent palace of Peter the Great, with its gardens, fountains and sculptures. This is a truly lavish and sprawling estate, with a Grand Cascade of 64 fountains embellished with bronze sculptures, including “Sampson Tearing the Lion’s Jaws.”
Grand Hotel Europe or fly to Moscow

Soyuz launch site

Travel to Moscow
Today, you board your flight and depart from your international gate city for the flight to Moscow. Depending on your flight, there may be a layover in Europe, before continuing on.

This afternoon you arrive at Moscow’s international airport, where an A&K Space representative assists you with Customs and Immigration formalities and your baggage. You then transfer by private sedan to the deluxe Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel, located near Red Square and the Bolshoi Theatre, with the city’s impressive sights and shopping within walking distance. The deluxe hotel is noted for its contemporary décor, impeccable service and panoramic views of the Kremlin and Duma Parliament. Take time to relax after your flight, and then meet fellow travellers and your guide at a welcome reception. Later, dine at the hotel’s restaurant.
Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel D

Note: During your stay at the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel you will be served full buffet breakfasts at the hotel.

The rich cultural heritage in Moscow enchants both the eye and the mind, with the reminders of tyrannical regimes mingling with gorgeous orthodox churches and world-class museums. This morning, your VIP status grants you preview access to the historic walled Kremlin. The oldest section of Moscow, the Kremlin is characterized by ancient and magnificent structures, including 15th century cathedrals, the bell-tower, the Patriarch’s Palace and Grand Kremlin Palace. You explore three magnificent cathedrals, including St. Basil’s Cathedral with its onion-shaped domes, built by Ivan the Terrible, and Cathedral of the Assumptions, where the czars were traditionally married.

Enjoy lunch at The Mill Restaurant, which serves traditional Russian fare in a 19th century atmosphere. Then continue to the State Armory, which houses an impressive collection of Russian artifacts, including Alexei Romanov’s 17th century throne and, of course, the famous Faberge eggs. The museum’s highlight: the Diamond Fund’s dazzling 190-carat diamond, a gift to Catherine the Great from her lover. A private a capella concert on the Kremlin grounds completes your tour.

This evening, you dine at the Godunov Restaurant, with its fantastic vaulted ceiling, lavish ornamentation and authentic Armenian cuisine. Complementing your dinner: a live performance by folk musicians.
Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel B L D

Korolev Mission Control/Sergiev Posad
You venture this morning to the center of Moscow to Korolev, the Russian Space Industry’s mission control and the equivalent of the U.S. Johnson Control. Your VIP tour illustrates how the center controls the Soyuz during the launch, flight and docking stages. A Korolev engineer explains how the Russians handle the logistics of space flight operations.

You continue to the rural settlement of Sergiev Posad, an ancient center of the Russian Orthodox Church — one of the country’s most important religious and historical landmarks. Tour the medieval Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius, which dates to 1340 and retains the aura of Medieval Russia. The monks here withstood a Polish siege from 1608 to 1610; later, they sheltered young Czars Peter and Ivan in the 1680s. Breathtaking iconic paintings are displayed beneath the monastery’s glorious gilded domes. Sergiev Posad remains a place of spiritual pilgrimage to this very day.
Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel B L D

Baikonur, Kazakhstan
Today you fly via Russian Space Federation jet across the vast, semi-arid steppe to Baikonur, Kazakhstan, home to the world’s oldest and most active launch site. Until recent history, the Baikonur facility was top secret, with clearance and visitation granted to only a select few. But today you are in the company of Cosmonauts, space industry specialists and the press corps – all participants in the historic Soyuz launch. Settle into the Cosmonaut Hotel, located near the launch site. Blending national tradition with contemporary comforts, the hotel hosts a steady stream of political leaders, international scientists and celebrities.  This afternoon, your guided tour of the space museum documents the history and highlights of Russia’s space program. At dinner, a Russian space-program specialist joins you at the traditional Kazakh Gyr Restaurant and presents an overview of the upcoming launch.
Cosmonaut Hotel B L D
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Spend today at Baikonur’s 6,717-square-kilometer space engineering and technical complex. The facility plays an essential role in the deployment and routine operation of the International Space Station. In fact, a Soyuz space capsule launcher here sent the first crew to the ISS Orbiting Laboratory in 2000. Other key launches date back to Sputnik in 1957 and Yuri Gagarin’s first manner orbital flight in 1961. The world’s first artificial satellites of the Moon and Venus were launched here, as well.Your guided tour includes reviews of the launch pad and tower, where the Soyuz is being prepared for launch. Visit the on-site control tower as staff goes through the checklist prior to tomorrow’s historic space event. Learn how Russia competed with the United States in space exploration as well as Baikonur’s role during the Cold War. At the control tower, observe staff review the checklist prior to tomorrow’s launch. The tour culminates with the exciting official International Press Conference. Your guide will interpret questions and answers during this session with journalists and news organizations from around the world.
Cosmonaut Hotel B L D

Today’s the day! In the pre-dawn hours, you join the parade of vehicles transporting the cosmonauts to the launch site. Witness the final briefing before relocating to your VIP observation station. During a US Space Shuttle launch, viewers are miles from the action. Baikonur’s vantage points are the closest in the world. Finally, countdown begins, echoing through the dark sky until the launch supports fall away, the fuel ignites and the rocket blasts off, accelerating at a speed of 0 to 28,000 km per hour in just eight minutes. With a thunderous roar and a brilliant blaze, the Soyuz pulls away from Earth’s gravitational grip, a zenith trailed by streaks of light. You witness space travel history — as it happens.

Return to the hotel to rest and reflect. After lunch, venture into Baikonur, a vibrant social hub for the rural communities dotting the stark Kazakhstan landscape.
Cosmonaut Hotel B L D

Fly back to Moscow. After settling into your hotel, enjoy lunch at the Artist Galleria, located in a 17th century palace. Later, tour the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia museum on Russia’s space technology. This evening is at leisure, with opportunities to shop, sightsee and stroll the squares. Dine at your choice of one of many fine restaurants located in and around Red Square. This area also features a lively nightlife.
Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel B L

Star City
During your all-day guided tour of Zvenzdny Gorodok, or Star City, you explore this fascinating Cosmonaut Training Center that, until recently, remained hidden in a forest outside Moscow and accessible primarily by rail. During the Cold War, the Star City Cosmonaut Training Center and its town-like atmosphere were touted as a Soviet success. Today, this vibrant training facility thoroughly educates and prepares cosmonauts for space travel. Some of the facility’s features include full-size models of major spacecraft such as Mir, the hydro lab for weightlessness training, a “flying laboratory” that simulates zero-gravity conditions, and the world’s largest centrifuge. Your Star City tour includes demonstrations of several training sessions and a visit to the Yuri A. Gagarin Memorial Museum, displaying artifacts and historic spacecraft. You return to Moscow and the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel for your final night in Moscow. This evening, a Russian space-industry dignitary hosts your farewell dinner. This is a wonderful opportunity to toast your journey, swap stories and share experiences.
Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel B L D

Today your journey comes to an end, as you are transferred to Moscow’s international airport, where your departure flight awaits. Or extend your adventure with our three-day option to explore St. Petersburg.

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