A&K Space

Imagine your family members donning astronaut suits . . . and repairing the International Space Station! Or landing a Mach 1 jet on an aircraft carrier! The simulated environments in this outstanding A&K Space program make it a reality.

Indulge your entire family in four days of science-based fun, education and action at the world-renown U.S. Space & Rocket Center® in Huntsville, Alabama. Between facing the challenges on the AREA 51 obstacle course and honing your skills at Space Shuttle mission control, this family vacation is worth light years of bonding time.

By day, you’re immersed in astronaut training, including experiences on NASA-patterned simulators. You’ll “re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere” in the Multi-Axis Trainer and experience a “micro-gravity environment” in the 5 Degrees of Freedom Chair. Want to walk on the Moon? Try the 1/6th Gravity Simulator, where a 190-pound man feels like he’s just 31 pounds!

In the evenings, the entire family can bask in the glory of “Mission Accomplished,” relaxing at your luxury accommodations — the Huntsville Marrriott, located on the Center’s property. Fine dining replaces Tang and space food sticks on this exhilarating space-themed adventure. And your vacation memories will be out of this world!

repairing the International Space Station

 family vacation