A&K Space

This year, A&K Space unveils its new and extraordinary collection of space and space-related journeys.

The A&K Space Soyuz Orbital Space Launch: Mission from Moscow is a multi-dimensional Russian-Soyuz experience, scheduled to coincide with the dramatic 2007 Soyuz launch from Baikonur to the International Space Station. The superb itinerary takes you from VIP seating at the launch site to the stone steps at St. Basil’s Cathedral — a marvelous meld of past, present and future.

In a more hands-on indulgence, the A&K Space Cosmonaut Life at Star City pairs experiential training inside the Yuri A. Gagarin Space Center with guided exploration in historic Moscow and an option to visit St. Petersburg. Experience “Space” on the same simulators that cosmonauts use, and earn a certificate commemorating your achievements. This adventure offers a rich mix of Russian history and space culture.

In the United States, A&K Space has partnered with the acclaimed U.S. Space & Rocket Center® to develop the Children's Space & Aviation Adventure and Family Space & Aviation Vacation, two wonderfully interactive programs created specifically for young "astronauts-in-training" and families interested in Space. Our action-packed and educationally oriented itineraries feature personal experiences on NASA-patterned astronaut training simulators — and endless opportunities for space-themed fun.

Soaring at 2,000-plus kilometers per hour aboard a MiG fighter jet . . . turning mid-air somersaults at zero gravity in a Ilyshin 76 MDK. These are just some of the adventures we call Aviation Extraordinaire: Thrilling Options on Extreme Machines. A&K Space has teamed with aviation and aerospace operators around the world to create these outstanding flight opportunities in South Africa and Russia.