A&K Space

Go ahead and admit it. You’re infatuated by the extreme speed, power and agility of aviation and aerospace technology. You need to soar at 2,344 km/hour, or to ride out hard 6-G turns with aerial acrobatics . . . You crave the adrenaline rush of weightlessness. And you are ready to push it to the limit.

Through special arrangement with world-class aviation operators, A&K Space presents several truly extraordinary fighter jet and micro-gravity flights. For an additional cost per person, these outstanding aviation options dovetail with the A&K Space programs described on this website, as well as with Abercrombie & Kent travel programs to Southern Africa and the United States.

In South Africa, we offer riveting flights in Thunder City Fighter Jets’ three Air Force fighters. In Russia, travellers booked on either our Soyuz Launch or Cosmonaut Life adventurers may choose from two superb Russian military jet flights, including the Ilyshin 76 MDK weightlessness experience.

Can you handle it? If so, Aviation Extraordinaire from A&K Space is for you.

English Electric Lightning

Ilyshin 76 micro gravity flight