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Aviation Extraordinaire
Q: Are there health requirements for these flights?
A: In most cases, you are required to pass an aviation medical exam.

Q: What is Mach speed?
A: It is the speed of sound, which is 769 miles per hour or 1,238 kilometers per hour. Mach 2 speed, for example, equals twice the speed of sound.

Q: Do the flight options in Russia replace the Day 9 activities on my itinerary (for either Soyuz Orbital Space Launch or Cosmonaut Life at Star City)?
A: The options can replace the activities on your Day 9 itinerary, but there will be no refund for missed activities. We recommend that you extend your stay. A&K Space will make necessary hotel and transfer arrangements.

Q: Who handles my transportation to and from the Optional Aviation sites?
A: A&K Space will arrange transport from your hotel to the flight staging point. This transportation is included in the price of your Optional Aviation flight.

Q: Is it possible to book any or all of these experiences without participating in a full program?
A: Yes, it is possible. Please contact you’re A&K Space Travel Consultant for details.

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