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Complement your A&K Space program with exceptional flight opportunities, made possible through our special arrangement with world-class aviation operators. For an additional per person cost, the fighter jet and micro-gravity flights detailed below can dovetail with the A&K Space programs described in this brochure, as well as one of our many travel programs to Southern Africa.

Eclectic and culturally diverse Cape Town is heralded for its stunning Table Mountain, sandy shores and fertile vineyards. In contrast to this tranquil setting, Thunder City Fighter Jets offers riveting experiences in its three Air Force fighter jets. All Thunder City rides are flown by veteran pilots, ready to take you to the limit.

• English Electric Lightning – For a super-extreme ride, strap into the front-right seat of the English Electric Lightning. A first-strike interceptor during the heat of the Cold War, this jet still holds several world climb-to-altitude records and is known for its vertical climb performance, capable of a speed of Mach 2.2 (1,500 mph), and an initial climb rate of 50,000 feet per minute. You’ll reach the atmosphere’s ceiling before you know it! Look below, as the pilot flies upside down, and marvel at Earth’s distant curve.

• BAe Buccaneer – Flown only from Thunder City, the tandem two-seater British Aerospace Buccaneer aggressor is designed for low-level high-speed attack. Powered by two Rolls Royce Spey bypass turbofans, this awesome machine performs just below the speed of sound at zero altitude.

• Hawker Hunter – Designed as a superior air fighter, the versatile Hawker Hunter easily adapted to air-to-ground attack and reconnaissance flights. These exceptionally agile and immaculate jets are powered by the Avon 122 series turbojet, and can perform aerobatics and low flying maneuvers. Experience high “G” adrenalin, like you’ve never felt before.

A choice of two superb Russian military jet flights, including the Ilyshin 76 MDK weight­less­ness experience, operate on Day 9 of both the Soyuz Launch and Cosmonaut programs.

• MiG 29 Flight – This two-seater Russian fighter plane was developed in the 1970s to counter the US F-15. At a speed of 2,455 km/hour, this plane can do Mach 2.5. As the co-pilot in the second seat, you experience this jet’s raw power. Upon your request, the veteran Russian Air Force pilot can make hard 6-G turns with “dog-fighting” aerial acrobatics. This once-in-a-lifetime fighter jet experience is currently available only in Russia.

• Ilyshin 76 MDK Micro G Flight – Like NASA, the Russian Space Federation has for decades been conducting weightlessness flights to prepare cosmonauts for life at Micro-gravity. The low passenger numbers and the expanse of the Ilyshian 76 MDK make this experience special. Glide like an eagle, spin like a top, or walk across the ceiling. This is a truly special experience that few on Earth get to try! This flight is limited to 10 participants.

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Hawker Hunter
English Electric Lighting
BAe Buccaneer
MiG 29
Ilyshin 76 MDK Micro G Flight*
(Price does include airfare or other transportation fees.)
*Charter and group rates available upon request.

MiG 29

BAe Buccaneer

English Electric Lightning

BAe Buccaneer

BAe Buccaneer

BAe Buccaneer