A&K Space
Q: Are there any size and weight restrictions associated with this adventure?
A: A person must weigh no more than 260 pounds in order to access the simulators. Additionally, some simulators require a height of at least 4 feet.

Q: How will we transfer back and forth from the Huntsville Marriott to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center®?
A: The USSRC is a comfortable walking distance from the hotel. In the case of inclement weather, bus transportation can be provided.

Q: What meals are included in this program?
A: Breakfast at the hotel is included each morning and lunch is included daily at the USSRC. Dinner is on your own.

Q: What about health considerations?
A: The pace of activities is moderate. There are some physical demands during the AREA 51 obstacle course and several of the simulators. Participants should use their own discretion.

Q: Can people become nauseated on the spinning Multi-Axis Trainer?
A: Because the trainee's stomach stays centered, nausea shouldn't occur. Also, the Multi-Axis Trainer shouldn't spin more than twice in a row in the same direction. This prevents inner ear fluid shifts and the dizziness that results.

Q: Will other families be participating in this adventure?
A: This program is designed exclusively for A&K Space families. There may be other families at the USSRC, participating in other activities.

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U.S. Space & Rocket Center®

U.S. Space & Rocket Center®